Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Student-Led Workshops - The Beginning

Today was the first time we have introduced structured student-led workshops in Koru 1, outside of our ICT workshops. We are hoping that the middle block on Thursdays (11.30am-12.40pm) will be a time where Koru 1 students can take the lead, using their personal skills and knowledge in certain areas to teach others.

We can propose ideas for workshops to Mr K or Mrs Harris and write up a plan. This plan will include what the learning focus for the workshop will be, how many children can attend, and what resources will be required. Our peers will be able to opt into our workshops.

Today's workshops included:

Scratch Jnr (coding) - Run by Zavier
Basic division - Run by Korban
Book Creator app - Run by Lilly and Helena
Basic basketball skills - Run by Blaine

After the session, many of us started thinking of ideas we have for other workshops, and we are really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Exploring The Decisions We Make

So far this term we have been doing a lot of thinking about decision making, specifically how the choices we make daily can impact our lives and the lives of others. We have been exploring many decisions we often make and how sometimes we make them because we are looking for an immediate benefit, or some kind of benefit in the future. 

For example, we discussed brushing our teeth. Recently in the news, researchers have said that many people don't brush their teeth. The children in Koru 1 said that this might be because either they can't be bothered, don't care, or don't have time. It was interesting hearing everyone's thoughts. Especially about the reasons why some people don't brush their teeth and whether it was a good decision to make. 

From there, we had a task where we were put into groups of 4, given 2 dice and 6 counters, and asked to come up with a simple maths game in 15 minutes. 

The reflection questions we discussed afterwards gave us plenty to talk about in our groups. Some of the questions were, "Was everyone involved in making the decisions?" and "Did you want to make decisions, but didn't feel able to?". Considering that a couple of groups faced some real challenges with this task, largely due to the decisions they made, this was a valuable learning activity. 

Soon we will be exploring more about how we make decisions in groups, like in our class, community, and as a country. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I've Learned, Now I Can Teach You - Term 2 Interest Projects

The highlight of our last week of Term 2 was certainly the sharing of our recent IPs. Outside of the CCC Cycle Safe programme that was run for our Year 6s, each of us had chosen a time slot to take the stage in Koru 1 and share what we had learned throughout our IP journey. 

Kaizen sharing his IP on 'How medicine works'

For some of us this was the first time we had shared a project of our very own in front of as many as 55 people, who then gave constructive feedback about what we shared that included possible improvements that could have been made. This feedback will prove valuable for us when we create goals for future IPs. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Creating IP Presentations

One of our class shared goals this week is to create a quality presentation for our individual IPs.

We are getting a significant amount of time to be working on these in class and have been asking the question, "What would 'good' look like for me?"

We have also been using an iceberg analogy to think about how we will bring all of our knowledge and understandings to the surface in our presentation.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How Stuff Works And Our First IP

For the past couple of weeks, we have been working on our first personal interest projects (IPs) for the year. This round of IPs have a 'How Stuff Works' theme, requiring us to identify something that interests us that we would like to explain, ideally with a science focus. After we each thought of an initial idea, we then needed to think of some driving questions that would help us answer the bigger question - "How or why (something) works".

For those unfamiliar with IPs, we always have 3 aspects that we must cover or do, including...
1. Creating a plan.
2. Documenting progress (usually in the form of a series of blog posts).
3. Sharing our learning with others.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Readers' Cafē - 2017 Update

Our Readers' Cafē is the time every Friday morning when we get together with our peers to share our personal reading books for the week. We have had 17 sessions so far in 2017 and as we are nearly half way through the year, this seems like a good time to reflect on how we are doing, how we can improve the systems we have and set some important goals for ourselves.

In essence, Readers' Cafē is run by the students. They choose their own books for personal reading, they organise themselves to read at school and at home (getting signed off by a parent or guardian) and they run the Friday morning sharing sessions.

During a Reader's Cafē session, students are organised into groups of 4-6 (usually decided by how many times they have won Readers' Cafe). One person is the observer. They facilitate the session by keeping each person to a time limit when sharing their book/s. They are also responsible for awarding points to group members for how well they share their books (max 3 points) and how well they listen and ask questions of others (max 2 points). At the end of every session, the observer announces the winner, who then becomes an observer the following week.

Something new we have introduced this year are digital badges for Readers' Cafē. These are proving to be motivating for students, with many already having earned the Level One badge. Students are displaying all of the digital badges they are earning (as their are badges for other achievements too) on their individual blogs.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Land Yachts Footage

This video contains photos and footage of us working on our land yachts. Enjoy!

Click to view full screen and feel free to leave a comment.

More information about this project can be found here.