Thursday, 22 March 2018

Dance is Geometry

On Wednesday, Koru 1 had a project based learning day. Children learning with Mrs Harris explored geometry through dance and children learning with Mr K explored the effects of music.

First Mrs Harris played us an amazing video that showed us how we can use our bodies to create shapes and patterns. We discovered that we would be creating our own dance sequence that day.

To begin we needed to revisit what we know about geometric patterns. We completed two art based activities so that we could demonstrate our understanding of reflection and rotation.

It was now time for us to head outside and explore dance and movement. We learned about an 8 beat rhythm and used our creativity to come up with some cool dance moves. We experimented with different levels by stretching our bodies wide, tall and low. We also learned the difference between locomotive movement and non-locomotive movement. It was exciting sharing back our ideas and seeing how creative everyone could be.

After morning tea, we discussed how we would configure our groups. Some of us chose to team up in groups of 3 or 4 while others went in pairs or even solo. We created a check list of things we would need to do in order to be successful team member. We spent the middle block creating a dance sequence that would show our understanding of translation, rotation and reflection.

After lunch it was time to take the stage. Everyone performed their dance and listened to feedback from the audience. It was a proud moment for many watching it all come together.

We ended the day with a discussion about what went well, our challenges and where to next. Next week we will be blogging about our experience and be sure to ask us to show you our geometric dance moves. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Exploring The Effects Of Music

Yesterday we had an interesting day where all of the children in Koru 1 were involved in an integrated project day. Those with Mrs Harris were exploring geometry through dance, while Mr K's group were exploring the effects of music.

At the beginning of the day with Mr K, he explained the following values and key competency focus areas for us to think about, as we would be reflecting on these later on.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Four Dimensions of Hauora

Today we started learning about hauora (well-being). We learned that hauora is made up of four dimensions. These are;

  • Taha tinana (physical well-being)
  • Taha wairua (spiritual well-being)
  • Taha hinengaro (emotional well-being)
  • Taha whānau (social well-being)

Just like a whare (house) needs four strong walls to stand tall, we need to keep all four dimensions of hauora in balance to feel happy, healthy and positive.

We discussed how we can improve each dimension in our lives and wrote our ideas on strips of paper.

Finally we weaved the strips of paper together. If all four dimensions are in balance we feel good. We feel like the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves. We are looking forward to exploring hauora further. How do you take care of your hauora (well-being)?

How Much Is A Million?

“You’re one in a million”, “It’s a million-to-one shot”, “A million dollars”…

Have you ever wondered exactly how much is in a million?

Koru 1 maths groups working with Mr K have been exploring this question. 

First, on an A5 piece of paper, we wrote or drew what we knew about one million. It was interesting sharing our prior knowledge and seeing what everyone else thought. 

Then we watched a video about a boy and an older man trying to work out how far one million sugar cubes would stretch if they were laid side by side on the ground in a line. The boy showed good knowledge of large numbers and, with the help of the older man, was able to solve the problem.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Showing We Care

On Tuesday afternoon we were looking forward to going to Duffy Theatre at the Bromley Community Centre. Unfortunately, due to rain this was cancelled. Prior to this we discussed and planned how we will show we care during our walk to the community centre and throughout the performance. On Wednesday we would be given time to blog and show evidence of what we did. Here's what we came up with:

Mrs Harris, Mr K and Mrs Nooapii needed to come up with a plan b. So on Wednesday morning we had a paper plane flying competition instead. We needed to come up with a new criteria to show we care so that we could give clear evidence in our writing. This is what we came up with:

It was a fun experience and we were all able to reflect on how we showed the school value, caring. Check out our personal learning blogs to read more.



Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Those of us who are in literacy with Mrs Harris have been reading 'Gangsta Granny' by David Walliams.

We are about halfway through and we have completed a range of activities that relate to the novel.

This week we started creating Gangsta Granny restaurant menus. Granny is obsessed with cabbage so we switched on our creativity and came up with a menu that is entirely cabbage related. This is what we needed to do to be successful at the task. We came up with this as a class.

We worked with a buddy or in groups of three. We are thinking about creating advertisements for our Gangsta Granny restaurants next week. 


Tuesday, 27 February 2018

An Introduction To Tynker Coding With Mandy

On Monday the 26th of February, Mandy, our e-learning specialist, came in to Koru 1 to teach us a little about coding and introduce us to an app called Tynker. 

The reason we are learning about coding is that people say that in the future, people will need these skills to perform some of the jobs that may exist. 

Firstly, we had a discussion about what we knew about coding. Then Mandy explained to us some important words to do with coding. These were algorithms, sequences, commands, bugs, debugging and programming. 

Next, Mandy asked for a volunteer to be a robot to show how programming works. Jonty was chosen. Our task was to programme him to get to the door at the back of our classroom. We gave the commands, Willow W wrote them on the whiteboard, and Jonty followed our commands to reach the door. 

After that activity, Mandy introduced us to an app called Tynker. We logged in using our Google accounts and she explained how to use Blockly coding to complete the challenges and go up the levels from Space Cadet to Dragon Spells. It was interesting to see how Mr K can see how we are doing from his laptop. 

We found this session really interesting and our class learned a lot about coding and what is involved. It was awesome to see everybody engaged and enjoying what they were doing. We look forward to learning more about coding this year. 

Also, our DT Tuakana group is starting up a lunchtime coding club beginning this Thursday!

This post was a shared writing piece from Mr K's literacy groups.