Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Reflecting On Term One

It's been really nice reflecting on our first term together this week.

When we take time to really think about what we have done and how, we can identify what sort of learner we have been and what our next steps are.

Through a class discussion about our year so far, we asked 'What have we been doing really well? and "What can we be proud of as a class?"

These are some of our responses...

Friday, 7 April 2017

Letter Writing

On Monday we were lucky to receive a letter from Mr Kinley. The letter explained that he was proud of us and was full of compliments about our learning and how we show great leadership in the school.

We felt many great emotions when we read the letter and decided it would be nice to write letters to someone ourselves.

Everyone in Koru 1 wrote a letter to a buddy. We took the time to personalise our letters to each other so that our words were thoughtful and meaningful. We published our letters and hand made special envelops. We couldn't wait to receive our letters and finally the time came on Friday afternoon.

We split into two groups so that we could read our letter first away from our buddy. It was a flood of emotion. Grins and giggles filled the room. We were so excited and happy to get a hand written letter from someone. When we joined back together as a whole group we shared our thoughts. Some of us were "speechless" from all the wonderful compliments. Many of us felt content that we were so important to someone. We all learned how much our words matter and we want to write more letters so that others can feel as happy and special as we do.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our Triathlon

Here are some photos of our school triathlon which was held on the 17th of March.

Koru 1 had 14 competitors in the individual races and 27 competitors who entered with a team. That's 41 altogether, which we think shows how courageous we are, especially when all of these children chose to sign up for the event!

Trust And The Beep Test

Recently we have been learning about what it means to be a trustworthy team member.

There are many times in school and outside of school that we work together with others. In some of these instances, if one person does not play their part well enough, then the team will fail to achieve what they wanted. Koru 1 have identified some understanding of this when we constructed our learner licence criteria, which includes the statement, 'Contributes to a positive, supportive, and exciting learning community'.

One of the ways we have brought focus to this is in doing the beep test. Many adults will remember it form their own school days.

In pairs, we had one person doing the physical test while the other observed and kept a tally chart of each length run by the first person. The observer carried a lot of responsibility on their shoulders because the beep test is not easy and everyone running it wanted their scores recorded correctly.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Exploring Shapes

One of the deep understandings of our My Voice Is Powerful theme is how we can 'explore the arts in our world as a way to express ourselves'.

Building on from our About Me projects, when we taught others about who we are and what we care about, we are now each working towards creating a geometric art piece that expresses more about ourselves and in doing so allows us to learn more about some important mathematical concepts, as well as the exploration of cultural patterns and visual art techniques.

The final products will be designed by each of us to include many geometric shapes and patterns. But as we are in the initial stages, we are currently building our knowledge about the features and different characteristics of shapes before we can begin doing more of our own self-directed investigations relating to how shapes are used in art.

Our New Haka

Thank you to those who came along to Jerome Kavanagh's parent workshop. As well as learning a little about his instruments and the Maori myths and folklore that are an important part of his work, we were given an interesting introduction to our new school haka.

Jerome had spent some time working with our children discussing our local area, what we care about and who we are at Bromley. Many of the children's thoughts around this were included in our new haka in some way, including the growth of our students, the local rivers and the Port Hills over looking our school.

The haka is still in early stages of development, but the children are so excited to have had a part in creating it and look forward to performing it with pride when completed.

Please visit Jerome's website if you would like to learn more about what he does.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Jerome Experience

Today we participated in the Jerome experience. Jerome taught us about a variety of Pasifika musical instruments.

We were lucky to hear him play the beautiful melody of the Pūtātara (the sea shell horn) and the Nuguru (whale tooth nose flute). 

He told us stories about the Māori goddess of music, Raukatauri. Then it was our turn to make our own musical instrument using clay.